Volunteer for the Boyertown Halloween Parade

It takes a village to make the Boyertown Parade happen

We need your help to keep the Boyertown Parade happening year after year. There’s so much that needs to be done before the day of the Parade!



Several events throughout the year, organizing vendors, Local Street fairs Bucket Brigade during Parade Food Vendors, Fundraiser Sales

Maintenance Crew

Mostly the week/ day of the event, organize Street flow, portapotties, golf carts, street closures/ signs fencing

Food Crew

Feed our volunteers will need to eat that evening approx. 5 pm til 11 pm We need help with Meal tray and drinks replenished also picking up food that day. Also helping to organize a luncheon on Nov 4th for additional volunteers.

Clean Up Crew

Make sure all barricades are dropped after the parade, also the trash will be blown into the streets for the street


Help to relieve anyone else of their duties for bathroom breaks, or wherever you may be needed.


Participants & Volunteers needed approx. a few weekdays during Sept / October to organize registrations also 2
people at the registration table for the evening of Needed from 5 to 8:30 pm

Social Media/Press

Need a few people the day/eve of the parade to post to social post before during and after the parade. We
may ask you to do a few interviews of the participants.

Get Involved

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