Boyertown Halloween Parade

Get Ready for the 2023 Boyertown Halloween Parade!

Parade: October 21st, 2023 @ 7PM
Raindate: October 22nd, 2023 @ 2PM

Donate to / Sponsor the Parade

We need your help to keep the Boyertown Parade happening year after year. This historic parade comes with a huge cost and we are starting from scratch and need your help to secure this event to continue. Every dollar counts and we appreciate donations and business Sponsors.

Give to Parade


There are so many behind-the-scenes parts that happen before the parade even starts moving. We need all the help that we can get to make those parts all come and work together. Consider helping by following the link below.


Register for the Parade

Of course, the parade wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the people walking in it. Follow the link below to fill out a form to let us know that you are walking in the parade.

Register For Parade

Be a Vendor

If you would like to sell products or have a food truck at the parade, please follow the link below to fill out a form regarding your business.

Be a Vendor

The Boyertown Area Historical Society has taken over the Boyertown parade to preserve the tradition since 1912. Previous to this The Levan Family & Brandon Yoder along with volunteers ran this parade for 18 years. It was time for them to pass the baton and we graciously wanted to take it over. 

Boyertown Halloween Parade Subcommittee 

  • Adriane Zapien – Chairperson
  • Jeremy Hettrick – Clean Up Crew / Logistics 
  • Lindsey Mason – Vendors
  • Corey Mason – Logistics
  • Tracey Wagner-Hanley – Volunteer Relief 
  • Lisa Frantz – Judging /Announcements
  • Tracy Mackey- Registrations / Sponsorships
  • Chris Mackey – Sound Crew 

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