Boyertown Relic Recovery

The BRR offers members and surrounding communities access to a wealth of knowledge and years of hobby-related experience.

Metal Detecting Club Membership

Becoming a member:

  • Supports The Boyertown Area Historical Society (BAHS)
  • Teaches metal detecting skills through training and dealer demonstrations
  • Teaches the rules and regulations of metal detecting including ethics and etiquette as well as rules and regulations that govern where you can detect locally, and on state and national lands
  • Improves knowledge from other detectorist’s experiences, providing a resource to identify recovered objects as well as access to the Historical Society’s resources for research
  • Meet new people with common interest, participate in Club activities, and stay up-to-date on Metal Detecting information

Event Sponsors

Mission Statement

Digging through our past to save history and reconnecting through research and discovery.

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