Old Soul Stroll

Begins May 2023

We welcome you to take a stroll through historic Boyertown.

Learn the tales, tragedy and rejuvenation this historic quaint town has to offer. Boyertown is known for its rich history but why?

On this tour we hope to answer the following mysterious questions:

  • Why has this little town been put on International headlines and has also forever changed laws?
  • Why are there Bears everywhere?
  • Why is Boyertown creepy at night?

Come stroll with us at the eminent crossroads of the Avenues and find out why? Stand with us in the cemetery amongst souls that may have been forgotten, take pictures and maybe you will see the unknown!

Boyertown has been rebirthed time & time again. As a result, fascinating tales of lost souls have been known to prowl inside the businesses of Boyertown, lurking shadows have been noted, and strange giggles have been heard.

What is it about Boyertown???

Event Details

NEW FOR 2023, the Old Soul Stroll will happen every month for two Saturday nights and one Monday night, doors open at 6:30 PM stroll starts at 6:45 and goes until 8:30 PM. Doors open at 6:30 PM at the Boyertown Area Historical Society and the stroll will start promptly at 6:45 PM. The stroll will end at Revamped Salon. Parking is available on Chestnut Street near the Historical Society or in the Town Center Parking Lot. Tickets are $12 though we ask that you consider also tipping your Stroll Tour guide.

No children under the age of 10, please.

Tickets can only be purchased online below:

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