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A Day in the Boyertown Area;
Mar. 30, 1921
The remains of the body of Harry Hines Eshbach, who was killed in action on May 28, 1918 in the first
day’s battle of Cantingy, in France, have been brought to Boyertown for burial. The cortege was met by
a large delegation from the Charles B. Yerger Post No. 471 of the American Legion, in command of
Lieutenant Harry Mountjoy. They were joined by Lloyd Musselman of Perkasie and Carl Troutman
from Pottstown who had made a pact with Eshbach that they would contact parents in the event that
one of them had been killed. They said they were fulfilling that battlefield promise. They had not been
able to contact Eshbach’s parents earlier because they had no address for them, and then they saw a
notice of the burial in the newspaper. They reported that Eshbach had been hit by a piece of an
exploding shell and was killed instantly. They had carried his lifeless body back to camp and he was
buried in the field. His remains were later reinterred to Villieres-Tournell Cemetery No.176, where
they rested until exhumed for shipment home. His parents were overcome with gratitude to hear what
had befallen their son and for his friends to take the trouble to come to his burial. The soldiers and
sailors escorted the body to the Fairview Cemetery where several hundred townspeople gathered
around the grave, which was decorated with roses, ferns, and lilies. After lowering the remains into its
final resting place, the Chaplain of the Post, Rev. Ernest Weber, conducted the burial services. The
local firing squad under the command of William Coleman then fired the salute and bugler Howard
Haring sounded “Taps.”

Mar. 31, 1915
Another swindler is lurking about in town. “A fresh young man” is defiantly approaching elderly
women in town who live alone, trying to compel them to pay him to treat their eyes. He called on Mrs.
Anna Thompson, an aged lady living in a small house at the corner of Philadelphia avenue and Walnut
street, walking into her home without knocking and telling her that he had been sent to her because
her eyes needed treatment and he would do it for $60. She told him she didn’t want his treatment. He
asked her why she wanted “to take her money along to the other world,” and demanded she give him
$60 immediately “as her eyesight was about gone.” She became alarmed at his insistence, but refused
to give him any money. He finally left, but threatened that he would return. He is known to have called
at several other places, and the police have been notified to look out for him.

April 1, 1993
The Boyertown Times has reported that representatives of the Federal Commission on Health and
Aging were inspecting the abandoned Boyertown Burial Casket Company property this morning to
determine if its foundations were structurally sound to support the proposed retirement home. To
their horror, they found a casket in an unused storage room in a subbasement with what is suspected
to be the remains of a former employee who has been missing for 59 years. The coroner has
determined that the skeleton is that of a male, about 50 years old, with no signs of broken bones or of a
struggle. It is surmised that the employee, who disappeared in 1934 and has not been heard from since,
might have crawled into the casket for a little snooze during his lunch break and suffered a fatal heart
attack. All effort is being made to determine the identity of the man and to give him a proper burial.)
(Happy April’s Fool Day from Jeff Bell, editor of the Boyertown Times via the Boyertown Area
Historical Society!)

What is the difference between a ghost,
a spirit, and a spook?
Discover another side to Boyertown.
Take part in a Ghost Walk, a Haunted Train Ride,
or a Paranormal Investigation....
Ghost walks resume on May 22, 2015
Paranormal Investigation, April 19, 2015 at
Durango's Saloon, as featured on national television.
Go to the events page for details
on these exciting offerings including
Charles Adams III book,
Haunted Boyertown,
about the strange and mysterious
happenings in Boyertown.
Der Belsnickel Craft Show
Nationally Recognized for Excellence
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Craft Show link
the Ghosts are back!
April 1, 2015 Program
History Bowl!
Members of community groups
compete against each other...
Who will be the Boyertown Champion?

May 6, 2015 Program
As a decendant of Native Americans,
Darius Puff will offer an insightful view
of those often referred to as the First
People, the Lenni Lenape.
Use the
Program link for
additional information