for information, go to the Craft Show page.
The 2015 Belsnickel was very successful with
over 3,500 people attended the two day event.
Registration forms for the 2016 Belsnickel Craft Show
will be emailed and posted at the end of April 2016.

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May 4, 2016
Harry Bierbaugh will present a power point presentation
on his father's experience as a German prisoner of
war in an American camp during WWII.  His
father was released to work as a laborer and later asked to
remain in the United States after the War.  However, Mr. Bierbaugh's father
was sent back to live with his family in what quickly became East Germany.

June 1, 2016
The Historical Society will host a program on the
Historic Hopewell Iron Furnace with a dramatic presentation
by Christine Emmert,
From Out of the Firey Furnance.
There is no charge for non-members attending this meeting.

Life in Boyertown on
this date
These vignettes of life in Boyertown were researched by Margaret Harner
Information on the Boyertown Opera House Fire is contained in
two articles on the daily news page from January 1908.
Use the Daily News link to access this page.

April 28, 1921
The freakish shriek of the train whistle, with no man’s hand on the cord, puzzled both the
crew and passengers on the 6 AM Sunday morning Colebrookdale Railroad run from Barto
to Pottstown. There was no explanation for the mysterious whistle until the train reached
Pottstown, when blood stains were found on the engine and the remnants of a coat sleeve
adhered to the machinery. Messages were sent to points along the line, and word soon
came back that a dead man, whose body had been badly mangled, had been found along the
tracks at Bechtelsville, near the station. The coroner has pieced together the probable
scenario. The whistle had been heard as the train passed the Bechtelsville station, and it is
believed that the body was hit there and had been thrown high in the air. As it descended, it
hit the tube that connects the whistle to its air tank and the momentary contact opened the
whistle and let out a single freakish blast. The dead man was known to farmers in the area,
for whom he had occasionally worked. He had slept in a barn near Bechtelsville on Saturday
night and had just started out on his day’s wanderings along the railroad track when the
train came along and killed him. He was found with a bag hung over his shoulder in which
he always carried his cooking utensils, his frying pan, coffee cooker and other fixtures. He
was known to them only as Jacob.

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