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A Day in the Boyertown Area;
Mar. 3, 1871
The Boyertown Lutheran Church has adopted Articles of Incorporation. Article I states, “The name or
title of the congregation shall be the St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church of Boyertown.” This is
the first time the name St. John’s appears in official records. Number VII of the Article states that
members of the congregation must contribute at least 50 cents a year and be of the male sex. (That
requirement was not stricken from the By Laws until 1921, and then only after much debate.)

Mar. 4, 1913
Major Thomas Leidy Rhoads, aide de camp and personal physician of the President of the United
States, William H. Taft, has attended the inauguration of the 28th President Woodrow Wilson this
morning. Rhoads called the ceremony a magnificent spectacle and the parade a pageant well worth
seeing. He was part of the entourage in the procession of six carriages that carried President Taft and
President elect Wilson from the White House to the Capitol. He then stood on the platform with the
new President to witness the administration of the Oath of Office and Wilson’s inaugural address.
Taft, having lost the election to Wilson, graciously wished him a successful administration and said
“We will all be behind you.” They then got back into the carriages to head the parade down
Pennsylvania Avenue. After lunch at the White House, Rhoads accompanied Taft to the train station,
and saluted his former boss as he and his family departed for Augusta, Georgia. Rhoads had met Taft
in  Manila, where he was stationed during the Spanish American War and Taft was the Governor
General of the Philippines. Rhoads is credited with having performed surgery on Taft at that time that
saved his life and they had become personal friends, Rhoads will now take a break from Washington
politics and visit his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. B. Rhoads, in Boyertown.

Mar. 5, 1902
Early this morning, around 1:00, Officer Charles Kline was making his rounds around town when he
was attacked just below the Union House (now Boyertown Inn) by an unknown person who had been in
hiding waiting for him to pass. His assailant struck him with a club above his left eye. Dazed, Kline
fell to the ground and he was struck several times on his chest, leaving painful wounds and a big lump
over his eye. Officer Kline has no idea who the assailant was or why he was attacked.

Mar. 6, 1944
More than 700 heavy American bombers along with 800 escort fighters, all under the control of B
oyertown’s native son, Commander Carl A. Spaatz, have hit numerous targets within Berlin, dropping
the first American bombs on the capital of the Third Reich.
What is the difference between a ghost,
a spirit, and a spook?
Discover another side to Boyertown.
Take part in a Ghost Walk, a Haunted Train Ride,
or a Paranormal Investigation....
Ghost walks resume on May 22, 2015
Paranormal Investigation, April 19, 2015 at
Durango's Saloon, as featured on national
television program.
Go to the events page for details
on these exciting offerings including
Charles Adams III book,
Haunted Boyertown,
about the strange and mysterious
happenings in Boyertown.
Der Belsnickel Craft Show
Nationally Recognized for Excellence
For more information,use the
Craft Show link
A jury session will be held on
March 15, 2015 at 2:00 PM at the
Historical Society
43 South Chestnut Street
Boyertown, PA  19512
the Ghosts are back!
March 4, 2015 Program
As a decendant of Native Americans,
Darius Puff will offer an insightful view
of those often referred to as the First
People, the Lenni Lenape.
Use the
Program link for
additional information