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No program in January 2020.

January 12, 2020
Memorial for the victims of the
Boyertown Opera House fire.
1 PM Fairview Cemetery at the
grave of the unidentified.

5 February 2020
The speaker will be Darius Puff, a noted local historian with
an in depth background on the history and culture of the Lenni Lenape .
Mr. Puff is of Native American heritage and has
researched into the history of the Lenape.
He will use artifacts to assist in his presentation.
The Lenni Lenape were the dominate group of Native Americans in
William Penn's colony.  Historical resources note that both
the early settlers and the Lenni Lenape live peacefully
until wars erupted in the colonies.
The influence of these Native Americans is reflected
in the names of towns and geogrpahical locations
that have Lenape names.
Please come and learn about this important  part of our local history.
Refreshments will be provided after the meeting.
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Lenni Lenape Home